Revolutionary Stand-Alone Anti-Skimming Device

Concerned about the security of your card readers at your fuel pumps or convenience stores? Skimming devices, third-party card readers used to obtain a consumer’s credit or debit card data for fraudulent purposes, are virtually impossible to detect by the naked eye, making it important to help protect your customers from this illegal activity. With the award-winning Enhanced Card Security 4-in-1 Anti-Skimming Card Solution, you can now better safeguard consumer data and have more confidence in your business while increasing the protection of your brand reputation.



The Winner of BankNews' Innovative Solution Award, the ECS 4-in-1 is a best-in-class anti-skimming solution offering dual-action protection: Detection and Jamming.


Dual Sensor Detection

One of the only stand-alone solutions with photo-sensing detection technology (dual sensors).



A stand-alone solution compatible with most fuel pumps and ATM machines.


Return on Investment

The fast detection of the device helps minimize downtime while the jamming functionality helps protect your customers’ card data. Preventing just a single skimming attack may justify using a premier anti-skimming solution.


Key Features

  • DETECTION: Dual (Infrared+Ambient Light) Photo-Sensing Detection Technology makes ECS the most sophisticated anti-skimming device in the market today. The dual sensors detect foreign objects, sense light, reflection, and movement, and avoid false alarms commonly associated with Electro-Magnetic sensors. ECS runs a 5-Cycle verification process to determine the presence of a potential skimmer, all while jamming & protecting the customer’s card data.
  • JAMMING: Instant Randomized Frequency Jamming upon detection of unknown object in or around the bezel. The randomized jamming signals scramble both the clock (timing) & the card data itself, thus incapacitating the card-reading capabilities of the skimmer.
  • COMMUNICATION: Dry contacts relay to alarm panel with option for integrated (ECS) or third-party monitoring software & GSM (Mobile) functionality.
  • DATA LOGGING: Device status logs and data retrieval can assist with investigation by the appropriate authorities and law enforcement.

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