STANLEY® Guard Executive & Lone Worker Personal Safety

Occasionally, retail employees may find themselves alone or in otherwise potentially vulnerable situations. With the STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app, help is within reach.
Whether you are a traveling executive or delivery driver that visits unsafe areas, an associate opening or closing a store alone, a small business looking to protect your employees or a corporation needing a way to protect employees nationwide, STANLEY Guard helps provide a new level of security and peace of mind.


Personal Safety to Protect Traveling Executives and Lone Workers

Safety for retail executives, store associates and employees that work alone is a leading priority for any security or loss prevention team. STANLEY Guard gives retail employees the ability to carry Personal Safety protection with them in their pocket so they can quickly document events and request help in the event of an emergency – all with their mobile device.

Perfect for traveling executives, associates opening/closing stores, delivery drivers in unsafe areas, or store locations with only one employee scheduled, the STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app allows employees to request assistance in the event of an emergency.  When in trouble, associates activate the app on their mobile device. Immediately, the app begins recording audio and video clips and sends them to either your command center or our STANLEY monitoring center for response.

  • Daily executive protection
  • Emergency communication for traveling executives
  • Store associates opening/closing alone
  • Employees working alone unsupervised
  • Distribution center employee safety
  • Warehouse employee protection
  • Delivery driver duress solution
  • Home installation and service worker safety

Send Alerts

Whenever an employee feels unsafe, they can get help by simply shaking their phone or pushing a button – sending an alert to either your command center or the STANLEY monitoring center for response. Their phone can also be used as an alarm device, causing it to emit loud noises and strobe lighting. This easy operation, coupled with visibility and confidence knowing that help is always within reach, gives employees peace of mind.

Lone Worker Safety

For employees that operate alone, unsupervised or in dangerous environments, the Personal Safety app provides a direct line to security assistance if the need ever arises. Once again, STANLEY Guard provides employees with a direct line to help in any situation in which they find themselves.


Schedule Safer Meetings

This functionality enables employees to automatically send for help if they unexpectedly deviate from their predetermined schedule and do not switch off a timed alert. As with any other alert from the Personal Safety app, video and audio evidence is transmitted without requiring internal storage space on the employee's device. The last known location of the phone is also transmitted even if the phone is broken, turned off, or otherwise out of service.

Man-Down Functionality

Upon activation, if there is no movement from the employee's device, or their device detects another dangerous situation– such as a free fall motion or an impact situation such as a car crash– the app will automatically send for help.


Additional Features

Duress Codes

  • A duress code can be entered in emergency situations to make attackers think the app has been closed, but instead will actually send for help.


  • Employees can control how alerts are activated based on their preference. For example, they can choose to shake the phone or swipe a button. They can also choose to enable their phones to emit loud alarm tones with strobe lighting to draw attention.


Learn how STANLEY® Guard Executive & Lone Worker Personal Safety can help you create a safer environment for your employees and improve your security response procedures.