STANLEY Retail Insights™

Based on more than 30 years securing retail facilities, we are utilizing customized data, tools, and methodology to leverage best practices across your retail operation – delivering actionable intelligence and analytics like never before.


Analytics Solutions

STANLEY Retail Insights™ Analytics Solutions software delivers rich, meaningful information on key performance measures to drive excellence in loss prevention, security, marketing, operations, and customer service. Pull together data from multiple disparate systems including video analytics, point of sale, EAS, weather platforms, and more onto a dashboard allowing you to report on key metrics for your stores and creating actionable business intelligence across your locations. By correlating data from multiple data points you can help mitigate loss, improve profitability, optimize performance, and increase conversion rates, all while enhancing the customer experience.

STANLEY Retail Insights™ lets you track and improve metrics that directly impact the success of your retail operation

  • Transform data into visual information
  • Analyze trends and ask questions of your data
  • Provide context to drive better decision making
  • Increase visibility and minimize loss
  • Improve process efficiency and reduce cost
  • Save time by reducing cumbersome, traditional reporting
  • Realize operational improvements

Improve Retail Operations

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Optimize training & processes

Advance Loss Prevention

  • Reduce internal theft
  • Reduce external theft
  • Manage assets

Enrich Your Marketing

  • Gauge promotion success
  • Increase basket value
  • Monetize merchandizing
  • Understand your customers

Professional Services

For a 360-degree-view of your operation, STANLEY’s data scientists and business consultants from our STANLEY Insights™ Professional Services team can partner with you to create value for your business utilizing multiple data sources. We provide an Analytics Assessment leveraging our methodology and your data streams to correlate, analyze, and measure your business activities. Armed with knowledge, we can create a plan for improved business operations to help drive results for your business. We can also help you to implement and execute your analytics initiatives through our Data Science and Advanced Analytics Services.


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Data-driven operations are the new norm. Learn how STANLEY Insights can help you improve your operations, enrich marketing, and enhance your security.

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