Access Control Solutions for Businesses across North America Installed by STANLEY Security

Having true access control for your business doesn't just mean preventing access to high security areas. It also means ensuring that employees and visitors can gain access to the areas needed at the right times with minimal barriers. We understand that you need to regulate movement throughout your facility – you need to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out when it matters most. STANLEY Security access control systems provide an audit trail and documentation of who was in what parts of your facility, and when. In addition to this added insight, access control helps avoid the need for key management, as cards can be reprogrammed as needed. At STANLEY Security, our team of security experts has decades of experience designing effective access control systems for businesses in a broad range of industries. With state-of-the-art technologies from leading manufacturers such as Lenel, Honeywell, Software House, Brivo, S2, Genetec, PAC, and others, installed by our highly skilled professionals, your system will be both highly effective and easily managed to ensure the proper flow of people throughout your building and the security of your business, employees, and property.

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We offer access control solutions for every security need including:

  • Locally Managed Access – STANLEY Security will design and install your access control system, as well as integrate your badging and visitor entry systems. We’ll provide either a software- or web-based management application, which your team can use to easily manage your access system. This solution is ideal for small- to mid-sized offices or facilities with consistent schedules and staffing.
  • eAccessManager – In addition to installing your system, STANLEY Security will provide complete remote management of your system over a secure, web-based application. We can administer your badging and cardholder database, manage door lock schedules, and provide activity/exception reports as needed. These solutions can benefit many businesses in industries like distribution/ logistics, where staffing and schedules can frequently fluctuate.
  • Enterprise Managed Access – This remotely managed access control solution is designed for businesses operating multiple facilities or very large complexes. Network IP compatibility allows our team to integrate databases and easily control the varying access requirements at all locations through our server-based software application. This type of solution is best used in large, multi-site, integrated environments such as university campuses, retail chains, healthcare facilities, sports stadiums, and more.

We can also integrate your access control systems with intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, fire detection systems, time and attendance systems, and any other security systems you operate. Our company has skilled technicians and offices across North America, and our four ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers in the U.S. and Canada provide 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

In addition, STANLEY Security’s Software Solutions Group (SSG) offers a full suite of software support services. SSG consists of STANLEY Security employees with 50+ years of combined experience in physical security and IT platform solution deployment – including security system planning and programming, remote or on-site software updates and maintenance, custom interface and report development, email and phone support, remote desktop support, regular system health checks, and much more – to help you manage your access control software system.

For more information on the benefits of our access control solutions, contact STANLEY Security today.